Work Hard, Play hard - A personal lifestyle post

23 August 2015

Its my birthday today so I thought I'd post a blog that has been a personal issue for me over the past few years; In hope of helping someone else experiencing the same challenges as me. You are not alone.

Having a child is one of the best experiences in life; Its a surreal feeling which immediately makes you feel mushy inside; However, having a baby also does all sorts of things to your body, you get stretch marks, cellulite, you go a few dress sizes up, you get extremely large boobs and sometimes you even loose a bit of body confidence. Safe to say all the above happened to me, and I'll also chuck in a full 9 months of morning sickness.:-)

After having my little one, I struggled with my weight yoyo-ing up and down and I'm still constantly working hard at it, to keep my body in a shape that makes me feel confident and happy.

I'm not really a gym rat and my idea of exercise stops at doing some Sit-ups, skipping and going for the odd jog every now and then. However, with a bit of persistence and encouragement from The husband, I have finally gotten to a stage (be it a few years on :-) ) where I feel more confident with my body and feel ready to get back into a bikini.

We are currently in the UAE and its over 40 degrees here, so a bikini is ideal for this scorching hot weather, I'm posting some beach shots and saying happy birthday to me.

Final thoughts, if you are struggling with that post baby weight don't feel discouraged. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Don't let wearing a bikini define who you are, while it can show you are confident with your body or size, it does not come close to defining who you are as a person.
This blog post is more of a celebration for me, celebration of confidence and my new body and shape Post babay. The Struggle was real!!!

Be Happy, healthy and keep fit.

Happy birthday to me.



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