Paris in 72hrs

20 June 2015

Going to Paris?  Got only 72hrs? not sure what to do? Then read on.

When I decided to book a trip to Paris with my little one, the first thing that came to mind was, we're taking a 5 yr old on a city break; there will be loads of sight seeing and walking around; no beach or kids activities; he definitely will be bored.
Safe to say I couldn't have been more wrong; all I needed was a super detailed itinerary to keep us busy and entertained.

We stayed in the la defense district at the newly opened Melia la defense (see my review of  Melia Paris la defense ); Staying in the la defense district was perfect for us, we got to experience the city life in the day, but return back to the tranquil of the district at night.

Our itinerary started off at the Seine river; river seine is a long river bank which spans along various bridges, this area is so busy you can literally pull up a seat and people-watch all day.

While exploring river Seine, we spotted an electric bike tour guide; we approached him and he offered to be our bike tour guide for a couple of hours.
Sightseeing with kids can be tough as their little feet gets tired quickly; the electric bike ride was a God send and it became our mode of transport for the rest of the day.
It was a good way to see Paris in the open air, and it definitely beats being stuck in an expensive taxi all day. The tour guide was very informative, he explained the history behind all the sights we stopped at and he was also very friendly.  

Our next stop was the Love lock bridge, also called 'Ponte de Arts' along the river seine; shortly after our trip to Paris, the locks on the bridge at Ponte de arts were dismantled as they started weighing down the bridge, such a shame.
The good news is the locks on the bridge are possibly being taken to a museum.
I'm happy we made it to the bridge before the locks were officially taken off, if they are transferred to a museum then we will be part of history for years to come.

Next we cycled to the Louvre museum, I hear it takes up to 5 days to walk the whole of the museum, I'll stick to 30 mins thanks :-). We took a few pictures at the Louvre and made several attempts at touching the top of the Louvre, with success. Get in! 

Next stop was the Place de la Concorde.
The Luxor at the Place de la Concorde, was a gift from the king of Egypt to Paris; and it took several months to ship to Paris, this area is also known for its monumental events like the execution of Marie Antoinette; also Fontaines de la Concorde, the monumental fountain in the center of Paris is also located here and if you're after some crepes in Paris, they make really good ones at the square here.

Next stop Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower by day was jaw dropping but it was even more mesmerizing by night. I'm glad we returned here at night to see the tower all lit up, my little traveller was a trooper, waking up at 10pm at night and being over excited to see the glowing Eiffel Tower. There is also a carousel here for kids and adults.

We stopped at a few other places during our time in Paris, we saw the Grande Arche in the business district, Arch de Triumph in the centre of Paris and also the Champs- élysées (famous shopping district in Paris) a bit like your Bond Street or Oxford street in London.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Paris, we also learnt a lot about the French Revolution from the tour guide, saw loads of beautiful sites and had fun with the Parisian locals. Paris is always a good idea and I cannot wait to go back.
Have you been to Paris? or planning on going, leave a comment below and let me know how you explore Paris in 72hrs.

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- All day metro ticket costs around 9Euro it's super quick and takes you around Paris town on the train. I initially planned on using Taxi's or Uber to get around, waste of time, Metro is the best.
- You can pre-book a bike tour to take you around Paris from 40euros for half a day or you can just stop one on the road side, be sure to negotiate on price.

- Champs-elysees is a great place to have lunch, you can get everything from Pizza's to high end restaurants or McDonalds 

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