My go to Travel look for the Airport.

22 March 2015

This season, my go to look for the airport are dungarees, or overalls, as our friends across the pond like to call them. I don't know the difference between dungarees or overalls, but I'll go with calling them dungarees for now as that's what most people I know refer to them as.

Last time I  wore these were in the 90's but it has somehow made its way back into my wardrobe
and has now become one of my staple wears for the airport.
They are super comfortable (especially when travelling with little adventurers) and they can be worn dressed up or dressed down, either way they still ooze out confidence and are great for the airport.

How I dress down my dungarees.

- Pair with a simple T shirt
- A pair of flat sneakers
- And Simple accessories

How I dress up my dungarees.

- Pair with a Shirt
- A blazer or a Jacket
- A statement necklace
- Some accessories

As my travel season is approaching,  I decided to show my staple and super comfortable look for the airport. Are you a fan of dungarees, if so what do you refer to them as and how do you wear yours?


Photo credits : Brian Kalema

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