Exploring destinations in England - Series 1: Grays Beach Park, Essex.

8 March 2015

This Spring /Summer season, I will be travelling to as many places in and around London as I possibly can. I often travel to find new experiences outside of the UK, forgetting that there are also many wonderful places to visit and make memories around me.

I am kicking off this series by exploring a beautiful Beach Park in Essex. Essex is a county in England, north-east of London.


The first full weekend of Spring welcomed the hot sun in Essex, it was the perfect weather to explore a fun beach park.
This beach park is great for kids, there's plenty to do, from building sand castles, fun rides, bouncy castle's in the summer months, ice-cream vans, and a picnic area.
My little one loved it and we were lucky enough that the park wasn't filled to its capacity as it's Free entry. 

The sun was out, but it was still a bit chilly. Got to love the British weather.

 fun rides at the park

    A beach walk is always a good idea.

After having fun in the sand, it was time to settle down in the shade for a light picnic,  

We had a good afternoon at Grays beach park, its a good location for a low key fun day out for the family.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK and in the midst of all my Travel plans this season, I hope to also blog about some of the beauties England has to offer.

Location : Grays Beach Riverside, Essex. England.

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  1. I was just exploring when I came across your write up about this park. As a blogger myself, I was impressed with your style of writing. I often come here (Grays Beach Park) with my kids, but, you shone more lights on the beauties this park has. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sherryfah... it's always nice to have somewhere to take the kids, this park ticks all the boxes for us when we're in the area! Take care.