Travel Inspiration - My top 2015 Destinations

6 March 2015

Planning mode is already in full gear for destinations to visit in 2015. I've narrowed down a few places that I would love to explore this year and if I manage to achieve at least 3 new destinations I'll be content. I'll be sharing my top destinations below for 2015, in hope that it'll give you some inspiration to think about where you would love to visit this year.

1. One of my top destinations is Portugal.

I've heard a few good things about Portugal and its endless sandy beaches and coves which the Algarve is famous for.
Portugal was named best country to visit in 2014 by the Spanish edition of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Hence why it had to make my shortlist for 2015. 

If you live in the UK, its only about a 2.5hr journey and Portugal offers many beautiful cities to explore.

2nd on my shortlist is Abu Dhabi

As many times as I've explored Dubai; which if you know me is quite a lot, I've never managed to venture into Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is a more vibrant city and its usually where all the fun happens, but Abu Dhabi is coming along with its new infrastructure and numerous brand new hotels on tow.

If you are looking for a chilled out city to explore in 2015, give Abu Dhabi a try.

3rd on the list has to be Dubai

Dubai is usually on my list to visit every year by default, I find Dubai a very child friendly city to relax in and have fun, and the nightlife is equally as good.

My little traveller love's Dubai and looks forward to visiting every year. This year we might try something a bit more adventurous  like a Camel ride or a Desert safari; he's becoming more courageous with trying out new things. 

4th on my list is Greece.

Mykonos & Santorini  are two of Greece's most famous islands; and they are known for their pretty, whitewashed architecture which are very impressive; not to mention Greece is the home of the Olympics.

I've always wanted to venture out to Greece, even if its just to view the pretty picturesque building or walk down its cobbled streets; it was a no brainer to add Greece as a destination on my bucket list for the year. 

I'm excited by the list of places on my shortlist for 2015, and I'll be sure to take you on my adventures via my blog and Instagram. There's so much of the world to see, it'll be a shame not to explore it.

 This year I'll try and be good with uploading Travel clips on my YouTube channel; let’s just say it needs a lot of love. :-)

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