Snowy Switzerland - A Winterwonderland

30 January 2015

Travelling to a new destination and experiencing new cultures, foods, weather and environment is always very exciting and educational. 

I recently went on a trip to Switzerland visiting family; we went to a town called Basel and I have to say this small snowy town felt like winterwonderland.

I've captured some memories of Basel below that I wanted to share on my blog.

My little traveller making a snow angel

We ventured into town on a cold snowy night and had dinner at a local restaurant called Papajoe's; a bit like your average American TGIF restaurant. 
It was interesting experiencing the nightlife in the snow and generally meeting new people.
Snow beautifies everything, even at night.

Papa Joes Restaurant
Happy hour cocktails ... Yum

I thoroughly enjoyed my short getaway to Switzerland over the holidays, especially the cold, cold snow.
In 2015 why not visit a new destination; be it local or international, experience a new city and learn new cultures; travelling is one of the best forms of education you can ever receive.

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