South of France diaries - A day in Cannes

6 March 2015

This Autumn we decided to venture out and explore a new destination in Europe.

The South of France is just a few hours from home and we've never explored this region, so when the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands.

We flew into Nice, Cot d'azur airport and used the super reliable 'Uber' service into Theoule Sur mur, a beautiful town with endless seas and beautiful mountains, this was our base for our mini vacation; a beautiful hotel called Tiara Miramar Beach hotel (will blog about this hotel in a separate post).

Cotd'azur airport, France

Our day in Cannes started with 25 minutes journey from Theoule into Cannes. The views on the journey was breath-taking, endless Seas, mountains and amazing boats, combined with the perfect November weather of 23 degrees. It gave me a real appreciation for life.

Our first stop was at Palais de festival, this amazing street is filled with endless designer stores from Salvatore Ferragamo to Celine to Dior, and loads of famous hotel brands.


We headed off to grab a bite to eat at a private beach restaurant called 'Long Beach', the food here to be honest wasn't great, but the service was impeccable and the staff were very welcoming. (For an idea of price it costs 6 eur for a bottle of Evian water 300ml; and 20-30 eur for an average meal)

After a bite to eat we lazed around on the beach and created fun memories.

After the beach, we headed back along the busy streets of Palais de festival, for some sight-seeing and ice-cream. 
The ice-cream in Cannes is extremely yummy, it was a blend of ice-cream and milk swirled together with a very soft texture. Yum. I also spotted some amazing street art along the way.

As we walked along we spotted a mini funfair, my little one's face lit-up... he loves the fun fair.
He enjoyed a few rides and we headed off back to our hotel via the ever so reliable uber service, 

I enjoyed my time in Cannes, it was a welcome break from the hussle of everyday life. 

p.s: if you're thinking of visiting south of France, ensure you brush up on your French, we struggled to find any English speakers.
At the very least Bonjour and Au-reviour are must knows. xo


- Most beach restaurants have wifi, use these instead of being charged humongous romaing fees.
- In peak months you will have top pre-book the private beach restaurants.
- Uber is a very reliable way to get around in Cannes if you want to save the pennies
- Beach: We went to Long beach Restaurant on the Palaise de Festival. The service here was better than the food, but it's a good location for a sandy beach.

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