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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mekong at Anantara Dubai

My favourite restaurant by far at Anantara Dubai is Mekong. Mekong is a Thai style restaurant with an authentic taste and style. The staff are very professional and the food tastes gorgeous.

On entering the restaurant you are greeted by the staff Thai style and ushered to your table. You have the option of inside dining or outdoor dining in buggie style seats.

Outdoor dining 

Indoor dining 

After settling down in our seats, I went for a little wander to admire the views and decor before dinning. The decor at Mekong is authentic Thai decor and it gives you a real feel of Thailand.

Gorgeous distant views of the Burj and ocean from the outside seats.

Before the starters arrived, we were presented with some Thai signature appetizers of spices, nuts, and other veggies, we had a demonstration of how to eat these thai style using thai leafs. 


This was followed by the starter, served on a hot stove 

And another starter of BBQ ribs (off the bone) :-)

For main - Thai curry on a hot burner

The mains are presented on a hot burner 

Followed by Creme brûlée and coconut ice cream  

My verdict on Mekong restaurant -  the service was great, food was delicious and from the outside seats you have gorgeous views of the sea and the Burj, Bliss. If you're ever in Dubai, make that reservation. You won't be disappointed.

Anantara's Signature elephant


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Sunday, 22 March 2015

My go to Travel look for the Airport.

This season, my go to look for the airport are dungarees, or overalls, as our friends across the pond like to call them. I don't know the difference between dungarees or overalls, but I'll go with calling them dungarees for now as that's what most people I know refer to them as.

Last time I  wore these were in the 90's but it has somehow made its way back into my wardrobe
and has now become one of my staple wears for the airport.
They are super comfortable (especially when travelling with little adventurers) and they can be worn dressed up or dressed down, either way they still ooze out confidence and are great for the airport.

How I dress down my dungarees.

- Pair with a simple T shirt
- A pair of flat sneakers
- And Simple accessories


Saturday, 14 March 2015

5 Tips on planning a trip - You don't have to be rich to travel well.

My thought process when planning a trip starts with the following questions 'what's my budget', 'where do I want go', 'what to do I when I get there', and most importantly if travelling with my little explorer, 'how do I keep him entertained'. 

In this post, I share with you 5 tips on how I plan a getaway.

1. Budget - how much ?

Your budget is key when planning for a trip away,  set yourself a budget for the trip and try and stick with it. I always plan for far away destinations at least 3 to 6 months ahead with the aim of putting away a little bit for the trip every month. There's nothing like a sunny destination on the beach  to motivate me to save up for a trip.  

2. Research - where do I want to go.

After deciding on a budget, think about where you would like to go within your budget; a beach destination, a snowy destination, a historic destination or even simply a staycation in a nearby city.
I often look at other decent travelblogs and travelvlogs to get ideas of where people are currentlyvisiting and what the place looks like.
Most importantly, think about what are you looking to get out of the trip and what experience you would like to make.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Exploring destinations in England - Series 1: Grays Beach Park, Essex.

This Spring /Summer season, I will be travelling to as many places in and around London as I possibly can. I often travel to find new experiences outside of the UK, forgetting that there are also many wonderful places to visit and make memories around me.

I am kicking off this series by exploring a beautiful Beach Park in Essex. Essex is a county in England, north-east of London.


The first full weekend of Spring welcomed the hot sun in Essex, it was the perfect weather to explore a fun beach park.
This beach park is great for kids, there's plenty to do, from building sand castles, fun rides, bouncy castle's in the summer months, ice-cream vans, and a picnic area.
My little one loved it and we were lucky enough that the park wasn't filled to its capacity as it's Free entry. 

The sun was out, but it was still a bit chilly. Got to love the British weather.

 fun rides at the park

    A beach walk is always a good idea.

After having fun in the sand, it was time to settle down in the shade for a light picnic,  

We had a good afternoon at Grays beach park, its a good location for a low key fun day out for the family.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in the UK and in the midst of all my Travel plans this season, I hope to also blog about some of the beauties England has to offer.

Location : Grays Beach Riverside, Essex. England.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Travel Inspiration - My top 2015 Destinations

Planning mode is already in full gear for destinations to visit in 2015. I've narrowed down a few places that I would love to explore this year and if I manage to achieve at least 3 new destinations I'll be content. I'll be sharing my top destinations below for 2015, in hope that it'll give you some inspiration to think about where you would love to visit this year.

1. One of my top destinations is Portugal.

I've heard a few good things about Portugal and its endless sandy beaches and coves which the Algarve is famous for.
Portugal was named best country to visit in 2014 by the Spanish edition of Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Hence why it had to make my shortlist for 2015. 

If you live in the UK, its only about a 2.5hr journey and Portugal offers many beautiful cities to explore.

2nd on my shortlist is Abu Dhabi

As many times as I've explored Dubai; which if you know me is quite a lot, I've never managed to venture into Abu Dhabi.

Dubai is a more vibrant city and its usually where all the fun happens, but Abu Dhabi is coming along with its new infrastructure and numerous brand new hotels on tow.

If you are looking for a chilled out city to explore in 2015, give Abu Dhabi a try.


South of France diaries - A day in Cannes

This Autumn we decided to venture out and explore a new destination in Europe.

The South of France is just a few hours from home and we've never explored this region, so when the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it with both hands.

We flew into Nice, Cot d'azur airport and used the super reliable 'Uber' service into Theoule Sur mur, a beautiful town with endless seas and beautiful mountains, this was our base for our mini vacation; a beautiful hotel called Tiara Miramar Beach hotel (will blog about this hotel in a separate post).

Cotd'azur airport, France