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Saturday, 22 November 2014

South Of France - Tiara Miramar Beach hotel

Exploring a new destination is always an exciting task, I recently travelled to south of France with the family and we stayed at a lovely hotel called Tiara Miramar Beach hotel. The hotel is in a small town called Theoule Sur Mer, a 25 minute journey from Cannes. 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Travel with kids - Packing Tips

I've been asked quite a few times "how easy is it travelling with kids?" and my simple answer is its all about Preparation. Being prepared is the key to making your holiday run somewhat smoothly. Here's a slightly different blog post from me with some packing tips for kids.

The first time I took my little one on holiday outside the UK, he was 11 months old and it took a lot of prepping. He's a few years older now and our holiday preparations gets more exciting the older he gets. 
I'm going to share with you some of my tips and preparation rituals and also list some of the items we take along to make our holiday smoother.

1. Get a fun holiday countdown app.
This sets the mood for a fun holiday with kids. I use WeeMee vacation app, which you can download for free, you can also create your own avatars (mini - you) and dress them up how you want. works a charm with my son. All links below.

2. A fun travel luggage
Get a fun travel luggage that your little one can pull along at the airport, it makes children feel more involved. You can get a Trunki, or a Skyflite animal theme luggage.  It sets the right holiday mood for packing. The trunki also doubles up as a ride on, so you can wheel your child along when they get tired of walking.

3. Go shopping together for the fun stuff
We make a date out of it and go shopping together for the fun stuff, my son chooses all the fun items himself, this gives him a sense of involvement and it also encourages decision making from an early age; plus you're also making fun memories at the same time.
We always pack the following items:
- beach bucket and spade,
- inflatable beach ball, arm bands, swimming rings for smaller children
- bubbles (its the simple things that kids enjoy)
- Freesbies
- water-splashers
- fun swim gear
4. Dont forget the not so fun stuff.
- Sun-cream
- Sun hat and some super cool sun glasses
- And lastly medicine, I always find we need this especially on holidays of 5 days or more, a bottle of neurofen or calpol or some cough medicine usually does the trick.

Those are some of the items that makes our trip go a bit smoother. But most importantly - remember to have fun and make memories. 
What are some of your fun holiday rituals with your little ones? Leave me a comment below, I'd like to know.

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- You can download WeeMee for free on the apple app store. (for iPhone, iPads etc)
- You can purchase a trunki box from any good travel store, there are also loads of retailers on eBay. They retail at about £35- £40 
- You can also purchase the skyflite tiger cub luggage (pictured above) for about £50 on eBay or with any good travel luggage stores