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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mekong at Anantara Dubai

My favourite restaurant by far at Anantara Dubai is Mekong. Mekong is a Thai style restaurant with an authentic taste and style. The staff are very professional and the food tastes gorgeous.

On entering the restaurant you are greeted by the staff Thai style and ushered to your table. You have the option of inside dining or outdoor dining in buggie style seats.

Outdoor dining 

Indoor dining 

After settling down in our seats, I went for a little wander to admire the views and decor before dinning. The decor at Mekong is authentic Thai decor and it gives you a real feel of Thailand.

Gorgeous distant views of the Burj and ocean from the outside seats.

Before the starters arrived, we were presented with some Thai signature appetizers of spices, nuts, and other veggies, we had a demonstration of how to eat these thai style using thai leafs. 


This was followed by the starter, served on a hot stove 

And another starter of BBQ ribs (off the bone) :-)

For main - Thai curry on a hot burner

The mains are presented on a hot burner 

Followed by Creme brûlée and coconut ice cream  

My verdict on Mekong restaurant -  the service was great, food was delicious and from the outside seats you have gorgeous views of the sea and the Burj, Bliss. If you're ever in Dubai, make that reservation. You won't be disappointed.

Anantara's Signature elephant


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