Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Madinat Jumeirah Dubai - Al Muna Brunch

Friday Brunch in Dubai is not the usual 'tea and sandwiches' affair and it's definitely not for the faint hearted. Be warned; its dine, chatter and drink till you drop :):)

I've been to the Al Muna brunch in Madinat Jumeirah a few times and its one of my favourite's in the Winter. October weather is the best for the perfect outdoor brunch!

Cue the live music, Unlimited cocktails, Food from different restaurants covering a range of nationalities; from Thai and Chinese to English and Arabian and many more.All I can say is its Food heaven. #FoodforDays

Cocktails, red velvet and Creme Brulee .... Yummy

1st Round from Zheng He's Restaurant

errm is that for me.... yes please! :)

The views are equally as stunning at Madinat Jumeirah; I loved looking out into the waters and enjoying the calmness of the waters as the occassional Abra (wooden-boat) sailed by.